True Windsurfing



Duotone Pro Center is proud to offer for Rental premium products from the TRUE Windsurfing range accompanied by ION accessories giving you the very best product quality in materials and design.

El Medano is one of the favorite spots for many windsurfers from all around Europe for its great bump & jump conditions along with the ocean swells making fun size waves in El Cabezo, Harbor wall and right in front of the center.

We are proud to offer the best selection of Freeride & Wave oriented sails along with using Carbon Masts & Booms to create light weight rigs for that lighter, more maneuverable feel whilst sailing.

Fanatic was founded in 1981, so right on the scene since day one, where we continue to be one of the leading windsurfing brands worldwide. We owe this status largely to the fact that we are constantly creating new concepts and ideas to improve technological stands along with using the latest high quality materials.

Fanatic boards are ridden not only by professional riders, but also by dedicated people sharing our Addiction to Ride!

We offer you the following gear:

In Wind & Waves
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